Maria Reitano, Owner-Operator

I grew up in a family that was in the reupholstery business. At a very young age, I learned how to sew on my Dad's sewing machine.

Once I learned, there was no stopping me!

I sewed every chance I could, and made clothes for everyone. I've always loved clothing and creating my own designs.

After working many years in offices and raising my children, I decided to let the creative juices come back. For ten years, I owned beautiful jewelry stores in which I would design jewelry. I Started out working with brides, creating different things for their bridal parties. Then I went on to fine jewelry, working with gemstones, diamonds and many craftsmen to create one-of-a-kind pieces. In 2010, I closed my stores. I thought not working would be fun - but it wasn't for me!

So I began. I was sewing little girls' dresses, embroidering bibs, blankets, and sweatshirts. I was introduced to the art of adding rhinestones to clothing, and now I can design different clothing. I'm working with organizations like Gyms, Sports Teams and Corporations, as well as Brides and Soccer Moms! My library of designs keep growing every day. If you think it, I can make a pattern and bling it!

After starting out in our house, we've moved to a factory in Medford, NY, and got into full swing, bringing Silkscreening into the mix!

Once again life takes a turn, and we're currently relocating to Buford, GA. Our new state-of-the-art shop is being built as we speak, and we look forward to not only continuing to service our New York customers, but to growing our business into the Georgia region - our new home!


We're a family - and we want to welcome you and your organization to be a part of it. Operated in Buford, GA, this is our new home, and we want to invite you to visit.

My name is Maria, and together with my husband Richard and daughter Michele, we take a personalized approach with each and every client to bring forth the finest decorated apparel for you, your organization or team.

We're a small business with a big vision, a local company with national capability. Please feel free to reach out or to visit, so we can get to know you and put together the perfect design for production.

Looking forward to serving you.